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The former paddy fields and coconut groves from only 30 years ago have now turned into a thriving modern beachfront. The 6-kilometer long, largely straight beach is popular with wind surfers and water sports enthusiasts and is indeed such a good location for these sports, that it is one of the preferred locales for the jet ski & windsurfing World Championships. It is also quieter and more relaxing than Pattaya Beach, and more importantly, the beach here is cleaner than those along the Pattaya Bay.

Former fishing villages, Pattaya & Jomtien have grown over the years to an action-packed beach destinations. The curving coastline offers plenty to do with water sports, island tours, bungee jumping, go carts, fishing, and parasailing. If you want to relax away from the crowd, Jomtien also offers that in abundance also.

Jomtien beach road is a modern esplanade that equals almost any beach side resort in the world for facilities and clean and well serviced amenities. There is an abundance of restaurants, most of whom will bring your orders of food or drink to your deck chair on the beach, as well as many private
services offering showers and toilet facilities for a small 5-10b fee.
The beach itself is quiet and laid back, which is not the case with
the nearby Pattaya beach. There is an abundance of activities to do on Jomtien beach and some of those are: Banana boat rides; swimming; Jet-Skiing; sailing; para-sailing; windsurfing; sail-boarding; paint ball; go-carting and just lazing back in the sun & fun.
When it comes to relaxing, jomtien beach has a large contingent of masseurs who work on a freelance basis, offering all and sundry
a few hours of massage at the average prices of about 250 baht (approx USD$6) per hour.
However, being a public beach, you will almost always find a bunch of guys and girls kicking a soccer ball around or playing a bit of volleyball. Just say sawasdee and you'll be always
For those with a thirst, there are a smattering of beer type bars just up from the beach, however these are not nearly as pervasive as in downtown Pattaya. Like all things in Jomtien, they are laid back and cheaply priced. If you take a stroll up to the newly renovated Jomtien Complex, you will find a large array of restaurants and bars snuggled in behind the main road.
Further up the beach towards Sattahip you will also find a great range of some of the most popular Thai seafood restaurants in the area. This is where the Thai locals go on the weekends and holidays, so we doubt you'll need further
encouragement or recommendations to check out great seafood at prices you'll find hard to believe.
If you fancy hiring a car or a motor cycle whilst you are in town, there is an abundance of places in Pattaya that will rent them, however we do suggest you discuss this with us in advance, because there are a lot of traps and pit-falls to be careful of. The Police here do not accept ignorance of the law as a defence, just as they do not back at home.
You will find it nearly impossible to try all of the activities and things to do around Jomtein, and it's guaranteed that there is something for everyone all year round. With a perfect climate with very little rainfall, it is the ideal place for a vacation you'll keep coming back to time and time again. For more links and information about Jomtien, see our links page.

welcome to join in their fun and games.
If you go a little further down the beach at Jomtien, you will find the world-class Ocean Marina Yacht Club. Here you can hire anything from a small dinghy through to an ocean going yacht or a power cruiser with which to spend a weekend at the nearby islands with your loved ones.
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